Published Writing

Short Stories

Control” – Anathema, Issue #5, August 2018. Selected for Transcendent 4: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction 2018.
On identities, bodies, selfhood and control. There’s an app for that. (Content warning for off-screen abuse)

Eternity is a Long Time” – Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Vol. 17 No. 3, July 2018.
James crosses the Causeway to find an empty city. Then come the dreams – if they are dreams.

Between the Shadow and the Soul” – Future Visions: Volume 1, 15 June 2018.
In the near future, immersive virtual reality allows people to intimately experience a movie by becoming one of its characters. For two outcasts struggling to find their way in a hostile world, the escapism it promises quickly becomes an obsession, for that reality is the only place where they feel they can belong.

Stay” – Augur, Issue 1.1 (Full story now available at link!). March 2018. Included in Quick Sip Review’s Queer SFF roundup list for April 2018. Interview here.
You were every guest on the fourteenth floor.

There Are No Echoes” (Reprint) – Mysterion, 25 June 2018. Original: The Future Fire, September 2017.
A story of faith, identity, and time travel. The arrow of time does not always fly straight.

Last Thursday” (Revised) – Ares Magazine, September 2017. (Original: November 2014, Issue #2)
In an innocuous shipping facility in an underground city, a man discovers another person with the exact same memories as him.

Hero” (flash) – Daily Science Fiction, 6 June 2017.
A boy has the superpower to save fictional characters from death. Audiences are not pleased.

“Alive” (flash) – 200 CCs, 2 August 2016.
A scientist tries to bring his dead wife back to life.

“One’s Company”Diabolical Plots, March 2016. Included on Tangent Online’s 2016 Recommended Reading List.
Time travel cures all loneliness.

“Call Me Only When You Get There”Lamplight Magazine, Volume 3 Issue 4, August 2015. Issue available for purchase in a variety of formats.
A spaceship goes missing from the universe. No one knows it exists. Then someone gets a phone call from a passenger.

Note to A Stranger” (flash) – Daily Science Fiction, 25 June 2015.
We met in the space the mundane shops go, in those unscheduled moments when others take their place and old Uncle Joe popping by for a snack finds the 7-Eleven replaced by Maerlyn’s Magick Shoppe.

Undead Undead” – Plasma Frequency, Issue #10, February/March 2014. Out of print.
Zombies? Zombies.

“We Won’t Be Right Back”Every Day Fiction, 5 November 2012. The Story Shack, 10 December 2012.
Cryogenics are a great way to migrate to the future!

Poetry & Microfiction

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