Whatever Commandment There May Be

book launch

Hi all, my first published book is now out in eBook and paperback! Getting this book made has been a long journey since the first PDF draft went online at the Free Community Church website in 2016. I’m very grateful to the financial support from the family of the late Rev Dr Yap Kim Hao, who believed very strongly in this book and had set aside funds to make it a reality.

Free Community Church is the only LGBT-affirming church in Singapore. As far as we know, this is the first Christian book ever published here to challenge the anti-LGBT stance of the local mainstream church. We’re hoping for this book to be the first step in starting dialogue and creating change in our country (and perhaps have some impact on the rest of the world), and I’m greatly honoured to be part of this.

Synopsis: How should the overarching message of Christianity inform our response to the moral issues of our time? This book provides a Bible-based challenge to the belief that homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teachings, and addresses myths about the LGBT community, calling for the church to respond in a way that exemplifies the love that Jesus stood for; even – perhaps especially – when we disagree.

The first 20% of the book can be sampled for free at these links:
(epub | mobi | lrf | pdb | Online reader)

Buy the eBook:

Instant credit card checkout and download (pdf/epub/mobi) – SGD$6.00 (US$4.40) – cheapest for you and highest royalties for me
Amazon Kindle – US$4.99
Smashwords (multiple formats) – US$4.99
Amazon Paperback – US$9.49 excluding shipping

The paperback is also available for sale for SGD$15 at BooksActually in Singapore. You can get a complimentary copy from Free Community Church.

If you know anyone whom you think might benefit from the book, please let them know. Thanks!

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