I realised that there are actually people visiting this blog, so I’m going to try to occasionally update it:

My short story “Stay” is now available in full at Augur magazine! It’s one of my favourite things I’ve written, and my latest take on the extremely-specific theme of hotels filled with variants of the same person. I did an interview for that over here on the Augur blog.

My poem “gatecrasher” is meanwhile out at NewMyths.com, because clearly one of the purposes of time travel is to visit your own funeral.

I’ve also just sold my poem “You Are Here” to Arsenika for their all-poetry fourth issue.

My short story “Control” – on identities, bodies, selfhood and control (there’s an app for that) – came out in Issue #5 of Anathema, and was positively reviewed by A.C. Wise at Apex Magazine, Cameron N. Coulter at Skiffy and Fanty and by Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews. It’s the most reviews I’ve ever had for anything I’ve written, and I’m slightly blown away.
(Content warning for violence and sexual abuse; nothing major or graphic, but YMMV.)

Lastly for now, a reprint of my queer Christian time travel story “There Are No Echoes” came out in Mysterion in June, after its original print in The Future Fire.